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The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move

- John Wooden-




All the Value You Get for $99 $10 This Year

You Get Your Directory Listing...

Connecting You To New Customers 


These 6 Bonuses Specific to Basketball Training Businesses 

that will will help you get the profits and impact you need to grow your future. 

Phone Script That Converts Inbound Calls To Valued Clients

Duration: 3h 55m

Tell them what they will discover in this course and how this will help them achieve their goal.

Your Business Model Template For Clarity & Growth

Duration: 3h 55m

Tease the content of the course. When reading this, they need to think "I need to learn this RIGHT NOW"

Your Brand Template: 7 Steps To Direction and Messaging That Promotes Growth & Impact

Duration: 3h 55m

For each course, ask yourself:
What will they learn? Why is this important?

Freemiums - How To Get People To Optin To Being On Your List.  7 Point Checklist

Duration: 3h 55m

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Instagram and Social Media Memes (Free 52 Pack From )

Duration: 3h 55m

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Why You Don't Invest In Yourself Or Follow Thru... A Warning Checklist

Duration: 3h 55m

By now the reader should be blown away by everything that they will be able to achieve after following your online course.

About the Founder Chris Corbett

Explain why you're to right person to teach this stuff. Nam nec This paragraph will convince the reader that you have the right "credentials" to be the teacher of this course. This doesn't necessary mean you need to have a diploma! Tell your experience, your struggles and how you overcame them. Talk about results you've obtained for yourself or other clients. Don't make this section too long, just long enough to build credibility and to show off your personality. People buy from people, not from websites. This will help to make a personal connection.

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What You'll Get

You get the directory listing that puts you in front of ambitious basketball families looking for dedicated professionals.  Early adapters joining our directory get massive price savings and less competition initially as we all grow together to help young players grow on and off the court. 


You get bonus worksheets, templates, guides and growth hacks to help you accelerate and become a Buzzworthy Basketball Trainer so you can experience exponential growth in profits... both  emotionally thru increased impact, and financially to sustain your family and ambitions. 


You are an early adapter.  And we want to welcome you to a community of like minded, growth mindset, ambitious basketball trainers who are committed to share their expertise with Passion, Purpose and Power.   

You belong.  We got you.  



What People Are Saying...

quote-right needed to shift up digitally.  We turned to Chris Corbett for his expertise at the crossroads of digital and basketball. 

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Brian Williams  (


I did not know Chris well, but am grateful we got him on board as a co-owner for his basketball marketing expertise.  His insight and help have been so appreciated.  

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Kyle Ohman  (


As an internet strategist and basketball expert, Chris has been a powerful force behind our success.  

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Is This Opportunity For You?

Our community and directory may have appeal to many at this crazy launch price, but please take a peek to understand fit.  

Who is this for

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    You are a growth mindset trainers who embraces ambition, aggressiveness, and development.  Now you are ready to do the same for YOUR BUSINESS!
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    You know you positively impact lives thru basketball.  You wish to expand and increase that IMPACT!
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    You understand that money and basketball do not have to be mutually exclusive values.   You are ready to build a business of impact, and a profitable one... both financially and emotionally.  
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    You are ready to move from gathering information all over the web... to achieving results.  To act.  To take your best shot.  

Who is this not for

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    Trainers who don't view themselves worthy of investment in their own business.
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    Scammy hustlers looking to make a quick buck off basketball kids.  To hustle is great.  To hustle a basketball family is not what we are looking for.  
  • times-circle-o
    Biz owner who can't see the value of working on their business rather than just in their biz.  
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    The "I just rely on word of mouth" believer... who does not believe in marketing themselves.  If you are satisfied making a few extra dollars giving a couple of basketball lessons on Saturday, or making 15- 30k a year... we wish you luck, but this is likely not a fit. 
Get [Desired Result] in [Time span]

Your guarantee should take away the risk of investing in your product. Eg. Try this online course risk free for [time span - the longer the better] and if you do not [get the desired outcome] just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.



Accelerate Members are ranked the #1 trainer in their chosen zip code, getting a majority of looks and leads to prospective basketball families. Bonuses are super powerful and will add more value to your growth efforts.  You can also use them to create urgency by offering a bonus for a limited time only.

Access to a SECRET Facebook Group

Sure you know basketball trainers in your area... some very competent, successful and even friendly.  Imagine if you could have real conversations with basketball trainers all over the country... that did not view you as local competition for their businesses.   Real talk.  Real community.   Problems and Opportunities shared in a lightly moderated group.  Entrepreneurship is lonely.   This group will help.  And yes, mistakes and successes can be shared too.  Frustrations, victories, and questions.   ACCELERATE Members will be invited to our SECRET & Closed Facebook Group.  


Office Hours = Monthly Webinar

Topics Will Include: 

  • Business Development thru Customer Development
  • Branding Strategy and Execution
  • The Vendors I Use And Why - Resources To Build Your Biz
  • Building Digital Courses - The First Steps
  • Inbound Marketing - How To Make Your Phone Ring
  • Clinics, Camps and Programs To Boost Your Bottom Line
  • Conversion - Everything I Screwed Up & You Can Do Better
  • Growth Experiments - I Try New Concepts & Share Results
  • Q& A with Guests
  • Interns - Where To Start
  • Design Tools We Use


Free Bonus Reports & Guides

  • Financial Dashboard Spreadsheet Template To Profit From 
  • Social Media Mindmap Strategy Rather Than React To Trends
  • Google My Business Local SEO Excellence
  • 5 Free Email Scripts
  • 365 Social Media Memes You Can Co-Brand For Content
  • Access To Discounted Services Like Web Design & Digital Marketing
  • Featured Interview or Article on Blog & Social
  • Shoutout on Instagram &  Social Networks To Expand Your Presence

Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below

"If You Want To Be Responsible, Keep Your Promises To Others.

 If You Want To Be Successful, Breathe Life Into & Keep Your Promises To Yourself."

Pro Package

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    ​Directory Listing
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    Exclusive Bonus content to 
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    Lifetime access with on-demand download

Accelerate Package

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    #1 Ranked directory listing in your preferred zip code. 
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    Exclusive Bonus Content to Accelerate

Buzzworthy package only $399 $299/Month

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    6 Lessons
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    Exclusive Bonus content
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    Lifetime access with on-demand download



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